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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Dreamteam Update – Rounds 7-9

Judging by the levels of web activity and the number of questions at training, Dreamteam Updates have not been missed in the slightest in the last 3 weeks. Nonetheless, like an American army, I’ll continue with my plan regardless of what my peers think. There’s a lot to catch up on so I’ll keep it…
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Tipping Update – Rounds 8 & 9

Right… short and sweet so we can get back on track with these updates after a few weeks of slacking on part of the TMF. Being that the AFL Tipping website won’t let me see round 8’s results we can just say that some lost, some drew and some won. I was one of the…
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Tipping Update – Round 7

Almost a quarter of the season has already passed and the ladder is taking shape nicely.  With another week containing upsets and close games galore, the ever-elusive 8 seems a long way off for the Port Malmö crowd. Nonetheless, it isn’t about the perfect score, it comes down to beating the man opposite you and,…
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Dreamteam Update – Round 6

The Port Malmö motto in the last few weeks has clearly been better late than never and this weeks Dreamteam Update proudly follows the clubs lead by appearing after the first game of round 7 was completed a good three hours ago. Without further ado, let us study the results from another intriguing round of…
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Tipping Update – Round 6

Round 7 is already up and running and ‘The Flex’ is only now summarising the events of the previous weeks action. A difficult week in tipping terms left us with a broad spectrum of results from lofty 7’s to  lowly 3’s. So let us move swiftly on to this weeks comings and goings in the world…
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Dreamteam Update – Round 5

As the dust settles on the second round of matches a few truths are becoming apparent. Pepe has given up the ghost. If you score less than 1800 you’re likely to get beat and Leigh Matthews may have led Brisbane to 3 premierships but his know-how is no match for the Maulers boys as he…
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Tipping Update – Round 5

Hands up who thought they’d get an 8 this week? Be honest! Everyone then. And how did that work out for us? The PMFC Tipping Competition suffered its’ worst collective week with three players top-scoring on a decidedly average 5 whilst the rest wallowed in the misery of 4’s and 3’s. Alas, it is not…
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Dreamteam Update – Round 4

As with the tipping competition, three weeks of testing the Dreamteam water finally ceased this weekend as the official Port Malmö League got underway. Some plunged in and declared the water to be beautiful whilst others are in some desperate need of swimming lessons. Of course, one swallow does not a summer make but those…
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Tipping Update – Round 4

It may be a cliché but a week in footy is indeed a long time. So too, a week in footy tipping. After three rounds to assess the form of the 16 AFL teams, the PMFC Tipping League got underway this week with the first head-to-head round. Here’s a little run-down of the weeks happenings:

Tipping/Dreamteam Update Rd 3

The opening rounds for feeling your way in to the respective competitions are now over. Next week it is down to business in both competitions as the head-to-heads start up. Hopefully this week we can get rid of at least two of the celebrity coaches to be replaced with our own kind. This weeks results…
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