As the dust settles on the second round of matches a few truths are becoming apparent. Pepe has given up the ghost. If you score less than 1800 you’re likely to get beat and Leigh Matthews may have led Brisbane to 3 premierships but his know-how is no match for the Maulers boys as he followed up his defeat against Sons of Sweden by receiving a pasting from this weeks top-scorer… none other than the Taffmeisterflexers (2090 pts). This weeks’ unfortunate soul is Jamie. Despite an impressive 2012 scored, he fell to defeat at the hands of  Adam Goodes’ Nunga Magic. Top of the table on percentage after two rounds are celebrity coaches Dean Cox and Luke Darcy (both have played Pepe!) who saw off the Alligators and Moose’s Hacks respectively. One of these guys will drop down the ladder next week as they face each other in an early season table-top clash.

Back to the Round 5… Chris Parker handsomely defeated Jonathan Browns Roosters to hold third spot and Chockos Tops scored another win for the normals against Pavlich’s Swanbourne Mavs and sits fourth. That takes the scores in the Celebs v Normals competition* to 5-5 to our illustrious antipodean counterparts. Taff and Adam Goodes fill fifth and sixth on the ladder.

This week also Dave Oz join the party with a much-improved 1817 enough to supply him with a comfortable win over the Dukes of Royale. The Ozwalds looked like whipping boys early on but have no doubt been whipped in to shape by the ginger maestro. Denis obviously has some tinkering to do before he can compete.

In the rounds final game, Jim Campions boys scored poorly (1365) and were soundly beaten by Barry’s Bustlers despite the big man only gaining a little over 1600 DT points. Big bad Barry can count himself lucky.

*Celebs v Normals Competition only counts games between a celeb coach and a normal coach. Pepe, who has a frozen team, will not be counted unless his frozen status changes. It also, most handily, makes the comp more equal. Go Normals!

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