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2024 Membership


Total Cost

Mens Playing Member

1300 SEK

Maulers Playing Member + AFL Sweden

1600 SEK

Maulers Playing Member (Non DAFL)

600 SEK

Maulers Playing Member (Duel Malmö GAA)

900 SEK

Lynx Playing Member

900 SEK

Lynx Playing Member (Dual Malmö GAA)

900 SEK

Social Membership

100 SEK

Mini Maulers (0-18)

100 SEK

Life Member


Code of Conduct

When you join as a member of Port Malmö Football Club or attend any of our events, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct.

This Code has been adopted to ensure the club remains as inclusive as possible.


To ensure your participation is secured before the first match of the season, please arrange for your payment by the specified deadline.


We offer several convenient methods for you to complete your payment:


Bank-Giro Transfer: Send your payment directly to our Bank-Giro number: 805-6384.


Swish: Use our Swish number 123 0836 924 for a quick and easy transaction.


We don’t automatically send out invoices or receipts after payment. If you need one, especially for “friskvårdsbidrag” or similar benefits, please request it by contacting us.

Consideration for Financial Circumstances

We understand that financial situations can vary, and we want to ensure that no one is excluded due to financial stress. If you’re unable to make the full payment upfront or have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re more than willing to discuss payment plans or other arrangements that can ease the process for you.


For any inquiries, payment arrangements, or if you need further assistance, please contact our treasurer, Brett Peterson at