The opening rounds for feeling your way in to the respective competitions are now over. Next week it is down to business in both competitions as the head-to-heads start up. Hopefully this week we can get rid of at least two of the celebrity coaches to be replaced with our own kind. This weeks results are as follows:Tipping – Our tip-top top tippers this week are Messrs McClaer and Scotford with highly respectable sixes in a round that was far from straightforward. 3 rounds in and 45 sets of tips and we’re still waiting for our first perfect eight. Looking towrds next weeks fixtures I think we’ll be waiting another round at least with some incredibly close calls to be made. Brian Boyd is once again sat in the corner, facing the wall wearing a pointy hat emblazoned with a large ‘D’ after a pathetic two. Either he is lulling us all in to a false sense of security,  just forgetting his tips every week or is downright silly. I hope for his sake it is not the latter.

Dreamteam – In a low scoring round (for our league at least), a mere 1851 was required to top the non-celebrity pile. Combining astute fantasy picking to tipping prowess to make it a round 3 double-whammy was Taff and his ‘Flexers’. Parker tastes the bitter pill of Dreamteam defeat for the first time this season but still leads the, admittedly meaningless, overall points tally. Let us spare a thought for poor Pepe and his apathetic alligators who managed to clock up a mere 772 this week. The big fella already looks like he is coaching the competitions equivalent of Richmond. We can only hope he hasn’t had to ban any of his boys for drunken shenanigans at Sydney hotels.

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