Tipping Update – Round 6

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Tipping Update – Round 6

Round 7 is already up and running and ‘The Flex’ is only now summarising the events of the previous weeks action. A difficult week in tipping terms left us with a broad spectrum of results from lofty 7’s to  lowly 3’s. So let us move swiftly on to this weeks comings and goings in the world of Port Malmö Tipping…Firstly, cudos to Verngren who moves to the top of the ladder after defeating Simmo. A four was enough for victory in a low-scoring match . STD is thus the only 100% winner left in the competition.

This weeks major movers (in opposite directrions) were Adam and Damo. Adam jumps five spots from last after and impressive 6 correct tips consigned Taff (4) to another defeat. Damo fell six places after receiving a sound beating at the hands of Kalle, who was a joint top-scorer this week with 7. The other 7-getter was Morten who inflicted a defeat on Danny which meant the wily old-timer drops to fifth.

Taking over Adams spot at the bottom of the ladder is the luckless Wilbur. Despite a respectable 5 that would have beaten a lot of other competititors he finds himself pointless after falling to another defeat, this time at the hands of Jamie.

Spidey Parker continues to ride his luck after a third draw in as many weeks. Despite a miserable 3 this time around his blushes were spared by an equally rubbish Denis who is no doubt delighted at holding on to second spot. The two other tied games this week involved Dave Oz and Jimmy, level on a pair of 5’s, and Boyd and McClaer drawing four apiece. Boyd holds on to third place. The other three find themselves languishing outside the 8.

It’s about time someone scored a maximum… this week is the week… I can feel it in my bones. Toodles.

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