As with the tipping competition, three weeks of testing the Dreamteam water finally ceased this weekend as the official Port Malmö League got underway. Some plunged in and declared the water to be beautiful whilst others are in some desperate need of swimming lessons. Of course, one swallow does not a summer make but those involved will be getting a fair inkling of what needs to be done to be competitive in our “amateurs-meet-pros” affair. Parker resumed his domination of the competition on the points tally and top-scored with 2059. This, however, is no longer about the tally and all about wins, draws, losses and percentage and his high score gave him no more than a sixth place on the ladder despite seeing off ‘Lethal’ Leigh Matthews.

Topping the ladder is celebrity import Luke Darcy after handing out a royal shellacking  to our very own Pepe. The irony of my swimming analogy will not be lost on the unfortunately- named Alligators. Top Mauler (2nd overall) is Jamie MacBride after an impressive 500-point win over Denis’ Dukes of Royale. He is also became the second Port player to break the 2000 barrier for the season. Well done to the big man! Other Mauler victories included McClaers’ Chocolate Army conquering JimboDK (Mr.Campion?) and the Taffmeisterflexers seeing off celeb coach Jonathan Browns’ Roosters. Early spots in the eight for the Daniels.

Elsewhere around the grounds, Luke (Choco’s mate?) was pipped by Dean Cox. Dave Oz was swept aside by Adam Goodes Nunga Magic and the final game, an all celeb affair, saw Pavlich’s Swanbourne Mavs see off Barry Halls’ Bustlers.

Good luck next week people!

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