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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Tipping and Dreamteam Updates Rd 2

Until both competitions begin properly it seems pointless to write two separate posts. So, this weeks run-down goes a little something like this…

Tipping Rd 1 Update

As with Dreamteam the real action starts in Rd 4. However, with the table having been updated (now that rd 2 is almost done)it’s worth mentioning that the Taffmeister Flex himself and Jimmy ‘I love your way!’ Bigmountain rule the tipping roost in Round 1 which 7 correct scores apiece. Opening round douchebags are Boyd,…
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Dreamteam Update Rd 1

Well, well, well…. the dreamteam competition has, unsurprisingly, not drawn as many participants as the simple tipping but a healthy 9 competitors started their campaign this week. The league has been filled with celebrity coaches in order for the competition to work when it starts in earnest in Rd 4.