Until both competitions begin properly it seems pointless to write two separate posts. So, this weeks run-down goes a little something like this…Tipping – No stand out performers this week as four participants top-scored with polished sixes. Cudos to Denis, Choco, Verngren and Morten for their tipping savvy. That leaves a group of 5 on 12 after 2 rounds. Bringing up the rear this week are Parker and Boyd once more.  A pair of fours for the dynamic duo means they take the tipping walk of shame for the second week running.

Dreamteam – In stark contrast to his tipping form, Parker and his band of illegitimate Scandinavian orphans are in fine fettle in the Dreamteam competition. He broke the 2000 barrier this week to take out his second weekly win. Bravo, Spidey. Bravo. He was followed by Choco in second place with an impressive 1900+ and once again there was a healthy grouping in the 1800s. This week will hopefully see the introduction of Messrs Ward and Birtles meaning two celeb coaches disappear. That should mean at least 3 of us make the finals!

Check out the latest tables here.

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