Dreamteam Update Rd 1

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Dreamteam Update Rd 1

Well, well, well…. the dreamteam competition has, unsurprisingly, not drawn as many participants as the simple tipping but a healthy 9 competitors started their campaign this week. The league has been filled with celebrity coaches in order for the competition to work when it starts in earnest in Rd 4.

Spidey took home the bragging rights this week with his ‘Sons of Sweden’ racking up 1975 points. He’s closely followed by a group of four in the 1800’s. Ironically, the only real son of Sweden in the competition, Pepe, and his congregation of alligators (yes, that is the correct collective noun), are left snapping at the heels of the rest on a measly 962. Automatic selections, methinks. Never mind, Pepe. You’ve lost nothing. You can get some trading done in time for the real thing come week 4.

So, onward to Round 2 and a further chance to fine-tune before we get in to the real action in a fortnight.

Latest leaderboard (including celeb coaches) available here


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  1. cp says:

    Gonna be embarrassing if our league’s grand final comes down to 2 celeb teams :O

    For the other boys playing, get onto this site:


    – it’s got more info than you’d ever need to know about selecting a 2000+ team.

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