Tipping Update – Rounds 8 & 9

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Tipping Update – Rounds 8 & 9

Right… short and sweet so we can get back on track with these updates after a few weeks of slacking on part of the TMF. Being that the AFL Tipping website won’t let me see round 8’s results we can just say that some lost, some drew and some won. I was one of the latter. On to Round 9…A mixed bag indeed for the Maulers this week. No players excelled with three competitors top-scoring with 6’s. These were front-runners Verngren (1st) and Simmo (2nd), together with Parker whose victory over Prezzy bounced him up 5 spots to 5th on the ladder. Thoroughly underserved, I hear you cry. Alas, that is the nature of the tipping beast. The aforementioned table-toppers saw off Danny (whose form is resembling that of Brisbane Lions) and Damo respectively. Both find themselves on lower rungs of the ladder.

This week also witnessed the joint worst score of the season with a, quite frankly, pathetic 2 from McClaer. Obviously, he was soundly beaten by Jimmy. Chocs is bottom of the ladder with just two draws to his name. His season looks over. Jimmy, despite his win, remains three games behind the leader and needs a run of victories to keep his season alive.

The Ginger versus Quasi-Ginger affair ended in a tie. Dave Oz and Adam both lie in the bottom half with Adam looking like he has too much to do.

3rd and 4th on the ladder are Calle and Jamie. They scored victories over Will and the Duke who lie in 15th and 6th respectively. Will looks like a goner but Denis is still in with a shout. To round up, Taff beat Boyd despite not entering his tips correctly. Result! In all fairness, had the skinny one remembered that you must click ‘submit tips’ he would have got 6 so justice was done… maybe.

Round 10 is already upon us… Anyone tip the Bombers? Nah, me neither. Balls!

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  1. Simon Ward says:

    Shock and Awe my fellow Maulers! Shock and Awe…

  2. Taff says:

    Parker… Remove the baby blue pullover from around your shoulders and get the tipping table up on the site, you lazy Stockholm bum.

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