DAFL 2022 Round 1: Port Malmö Maulers Vs Copenhagen Barracudas

After 365 days without DAFL football Port Malmö were ready to host against a very strong Cudas outfit. With the coach arriving late, it was up to the senior players to get the boys warmed up (some might say this was a tactical move). The Maulers were starting with a couple of fresh faces, notably […]

DAFL Round 1: Port Malmö Maulers Vs Farum Cats

Starting line up Finally! After months and months of training, the Maulers were set to play their first match of the year against last years premiers. It was always going to be tough going against such an experienced side with 7 of our top players out, but turning up to the game with 18 players […]

DAFL Preliminary Final: Port Malmö Maulers At Odense Lions

Starting line up Yes, you read that correctly. Despite finishing second on the ladder, and travelling to the farthest corners of Scandinavia the Maulers were on the road yet again to face the Lions of Odense. With injures to the teams best defender (Gates) and the DAFL runner up best and fairest and leading goal […]

DAFL Round 8: Port Malmö Maulers At Copenhagen Giants

Starting line up Pre-Match Tough times don’t last, tough people do. This is something we need to consider going forward as a club. It has been a shattering few weeks for the boys playing two quality teams and not getting the results. This week we took on last years premiers that had a lot of […]

DAFL Round 7: Port Malmö Maulers At Odense Lions

Starting line up The Match These are the worst writes ups to do. Having to go back and retell the story of a match that we should have won but didn’t. A match where effort wasn’t lacking but execution was. A match where multiple players were cut and bleeding, or limping around on one foot, […]

DAFL Round 6: Port Malmö Maulers At Aalborg Kangaroos

Starting line up Pre-Match The day started tough as the coach had to call in sick for the longest away trip of the DAFL season. Matt McMahan took pleasure in stepping up to take the big man’s place coaching the strongest Maulers team, in many years, travelling to Jutland. The drive went rather smoothly and […]

DAFL Round 5: Port Malmö Maulers Vs Farum Cats

Starting line up The Match On a day that gave us such inconsistencies from the sun shining to hail storms, Farum traveled across Öresund to meet Port Malmö on what was a game highlighted by inconsistencies. We were fortunate that the weather held off for all the old boys returning to catch a game in […]

DAFL Round 4: PMFC Maulers Vs Copenhagen Giants

Starting line up The Match  A rough nights sleep was had Friday, knowing we were going up against last years premiers, without our most underrated player Stretch, our reliable ruckman. Either way it was exciting knowing it was going to give other blokes a chance to step up. Not only was that on our mind […]

DAFL Round 3: PMFC Maulers Vs Odense Lions

Starting line up The Match Wow. Just watching this match was exhausting. I can’t imagine what it was like to actually play in it. In what will go down as an absolute thriller and a showcase for the toughness of Aussie rules, this was a game that had everyone on the edge of their seat! […]