DAFL Round 7: Port Malmö Maulers At Odense Lions

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

DAFL Round 7: Port Malmö Maulers At Odense Lions

Starting line up

The Match

These are the worst writes ups to do. Having to go back and retell the story of a match that we should have won but didn’t. A match where effort wasn’t lacking but execution was. A match where multiple players were cut and bleeding, or limping around on one foot, or going through 4 guernseys in a match, to try and get the points over a very tough competitor.

The match started well with a quick clearance out the middle and a mark to a leading Ben. Despite Big Bad Ben taking the shot from a place he kicks 9 out of 10 goals. This was the 1 in 10 he missed. That was the story for most of the quarter with the Maulers having plenty of possession but have little impact on the scoreboard. Toby came back into form after an injury plagued season with a classy snap under pressure to put the first goal on the board for the boys in black and blue.

First Quarter Score Maulers 9 Lions 8

The second quarter started much like the first with the Maulers generating plenty of opportunities. Big Bad Ben decided; if he wasn’t going to kick goals he was going to help set them up with some great pressure acts. Tim was all class in the midfield and playing at a different level until a knock on the nose in a marking contest saw the claret flowing from his nose like a river. Being undermanned meant last years best and fairest winner, Paul, had to step up in the middle with only one leg which he did well. Up and coming superstar Pontus saw a chance to step up, and after dropping a sitter in the square was able to throw it onto the boot and finish in style to get his first goal as a Mauler! Again opportunities where squandered and a failure of communication lead to an Odense goal against the run topped off with a mark and 25m penalty on the last play of the half, meant that the Lions came back into the match.

Half time scores Maulers 23  Lions 22

The 3rd quarter, after the long break in the shade, was by far the Maulers best. The boys were full of run and were looking clean and fast. The ball was moving well and players were finding leads and making space. Again it was the last kick that let us down, with the boys unable to capitalise on the weight of possession scoring 2 goals 4 behinds to 1 goal 1 behind. Another 2 or 3 goals in this quarter would have made a huge difference. The defense lead by Gates, Taffy, Ross and Andy was suffocating only allowing the two shots on goal.

3rd quarter scores Maulers 39 Lions 29

The final quarter started as good as it could for the Maulers with Brodie slotting a contested goal from long range to give the Maulers a 16 point lead. And that’s when the wheels fell off. The Lions went up a level and with Tim’s nose still flowing with blood and no bandages nearby he was off the field more than he was on. Paul who had battled so well all day was inspiring on his one leg could no longer continue and needed a spell on the bench which caused a major break up in the centre square. The centre being weakened led to consistent bombardment of the backline. The back line did a great job to hold their own, however there were few targets coming out of defence resulting in more and more entries for the Lions. To be fair the Lions were relentless and taught the Maulers and in particular the new ones, a real lesson in pressure football and running out games. The effort can not be questioned by the Maulers and for 3 quarters they were the better team. However, a game is played over 4 quarters which is something I’m sure will be addressed.


Final Score

Odense Lions: 68
Port Malmö Maulers: 51

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