DAFL Round 6: Port Malmö Maulers At Aalborg Kangaroos

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

DAFL Round 6: Port Malmö Maulers At Aalborg Kangaroos

Starting line up


The day started tough as the coach had to call in sick for the longest away trip of the DAFL season. Matt McMahan took pleasure in stepping up to take the big man’s place coaching the strongest Maulers team, in many years, travelling to Jutland.

The drive went rather smoothly and as almost tradition by now the Maulers had to wait 15 minutes extra for the Kangaroos to get match ready. 

The Match

The first quarter started with the Maulers midfield taking the initiative early to set up the killer B’s (Brodie and Ben) in the forward line for a few early goals. The midfield, with a dominant Stretch in the ruck and great strength and running speed from Chris, Matt and Tim, were relentless in not giving the Roos a chance of getting the ball up to their forward line. 

First quarter time: 0.0.00 – 8.4.52 

The Second quarter saw a resurging Roos team working their way back into the match. The Maulers responded well to the Roos’ challenge by playing more physical with Ross and Chuck laying out some big hits. 

Half time: 1.1.7 – 10.7.67

The Maulers were determined to get more points on the board in the third quarter and retake the initiative from the Roos. We got to see Matt solo the ball gaelic style to get around his defender and set up a kick for goal that just narrowly escaped the posts. 

Three quarter time: 2.2.14 – 16.11.107

In the fourth quarter the heat was taking its toll and the Maulers kicks for goal weren’t as accurate as earlier in the game, leading to an increase in behinds. Towards the end of the match the ball was kicked up forward to Brodie making a strong lead, going just a bit too high for Brodie the ball bounced on the ground for Jonas to pick it up and handpass it off to an onrushing loudly determined Freddy Hard Candy, who kicked the very first goal of his DAFL career.

Final score: 2.4.16 – 21.18.144

The Aftermat(c)h

The four points were celebrated handsomely at the Jomfru Anne gade by the eight Maulers staying overnight in Aalborg.

Thanks to the Kangaroos for being great hosts and reserving a table for us at the bar. Thanks also to the great city of Aalborg.

/McLovén & The Bug

Final score

Aalborg Kangaroos: 16
Port Malmö Maulers: 144
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