DAFL Round 8: Port Malmö Maulers At Copenhagen Giants

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

DAFL Round 8: Port Malmö Maulers At Copenhagen Giants

Starting line up


Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

This is something we need to consider going forward as a club. It has been a shattering few weeks for the boys playing two quality teams and not getting the results.

This week we took on last years premiers that had a lot of new players coming into the team. We on the other hand were missing two key midfielders Tim (nose), and the Red Barron (calf), as well as Taffy (kids). We were also relying a lot on our Irish brothers to carry a load in between games of hurling. It was always going to be tough and it was.

The Match

The game started as we were hoping it wouldn’t, with a quick clearance to the Giants, followed by a goal. Bang! Down six nil. This was the vibe for most of the first quarter, with the Giants quick ball use being rewarded and the Maulers lacking in defensive pressure. Tackles were being missed, players weren’t communicating and the Giants ran. To the players credit the Maulers gained their composure and were able to string together some classy passages in the game. Clean skills, ball movement, and strong leading created some chances for the Maulers. Ryan was leading and creating space, Pontus was showing us he deserves consideration for the best first year award and Brodie was catching everything coming his way. It seems 30 minutes of sleep is all Brodie needs to produce what was his best performance of the year.

First Quarter Score Maulers 14 Giants 28

Despite the best efforts of players and coaches the second quarter started much the same as the first, with clearances going the way of the Giants, leaving the Maulers defenders to face multiple entrances from a variety of places. Once again Pontus stood tall and was giving the Maulers a lot to be excited about. Another player looking to put his hand up was our old dog, Måns, who was happy to be taught new tricks by taking up his role as tagger on a Giants gun. Måns had an immediate impact frustrating his opponent and drawing a free kick. It was the spark the team needed. Our Mr Underrated Chris who never gets mentioned enough in these reports was doing his best to spark the team. He wins so much contested ball, and I don’t think there is a player in the league that gets hit in the head as much as he does without complaining and without the reward of free kicks. Also Brodie kept marking everything.

Half time Score Maulers 27 Giants 55

The game had followed a pattern to this point with the Giants scoring four goals in each quarter to the Maulers two. The third quarter was no exception. The Giants started strong and the Maulers responded. Brodie caught everything and Chris got hit. It was hard watching as the Giants are a premiership team with a third of the players being very good Australian products, so it was always going to be tough. Defensive pressure is what lacked the most with tackles shrugged off and losing too many contests in the air allowed the Giants to capitalise on an otherwise hard working Maulers outfit. Did I mention Brodie caught everything?

Third Quarter Score Mauler 39 Giants 83

Two goals extra a quarter adds up to 36 points after three quarters which is basically what the Maulers were facing in the last 20 minutes. This last quarter was a little different with the Maulers adding three goals to the Giants three. This quarter saw Nauris move into the ruck, as well a bit more time on the field for Fredric who has shown he is a football player. There were many highlights for the Maulers in the last quarter and some of them were even off the field. Mad Matt was in rare form on the sideline frustrating the Giants, while on the field Pontus and Nauris were running and leading and making space for the entire 20 minutes. It was becoming a joke how well Brodie was taking the ball and his effort was the most dominate by a centre half forward that you could ask for. A huge effort by Donny and Matt who didn’t want to come off in the last quarter but fought on for the Maulers. If we could bottle their grit and toughness the team would make a fortune selling it to those that lack intestinal fortitude.

Final score Maulers 58 Giants 103

It is important going into finals, we step back for a moment a take in the bigger picture of events. Despite having to travel away this coming week for our first final, we were the second best team of the competition. We never forfeited, and didn’t go to a game with less than 16 players. We constantly gave players to other teams so that we could have a match and even helped teams run games away from home. There is no doubt in my mind we are the best club in the league, with the most up and coming talent. We have an opportunity to play in a grand final by winning our next game. There is no reason we cannot do this. In the last five weeks we have played five matches. We have traveled over 1700km in the last three weeks alone and have another 400km to go this weekend. Despite this, we are still together and still strong. I look forward to writing a winning report next week. Go Maulers!


Final Score

Copenhagen Giants: 103
Port Malmö Maulers: 58

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