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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Training 2013

Outdoor training for 2013 will start Thursday this week (4 April 2013) in Pildammsparken. See Maps for information on how to find us. Training will start at 18:00 for this week; this will probably be pushed back to 18:30 next week, light dependent. All the details will be posted here as soon as they are available…
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Calendar for Season 2011

The Maulers’ quest to regain the DAFL Premiership begings THIS WEEKEND! The full season 2011 calendar is also available, and features not one but two Skåne Leagues! This will give everyone plenty of time chasing the pill, weather you’re a first game newbie or an ageing veteran. Click here to check out the full 2011…
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(Pics) International Rules: Port Malmö vs. Malmö GAA

Some pics of the Malmö GAA boys clinching the International Rules friendly over the adaptive Port Malmö Maulers. Thanks as always to Morten for the great photos. CLICK HERE to check out the complete gallery.

2010 Awards Night Results (+ Danny’s Simply The Best Video)

Last night Port Malmö celebrated the end of the 2010 season with their annual Best & Fairest Awards. Many a hangover was eased this morning by the fact that we didn’t have to clean up our own mess for once. This due to the mighty Maulers classing things up and finally staging proceedings at a…
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Historiskt svenskt EM-brons i Australisk fotboll

Historic Swedish Bronze in the European Championships in Australian Football The mighty Swedish Elks have upset the highly-fancied Great British Bulldogs in an epic battle for 3rd place in the European Championships in Australian Football. Featuring a very healthy dose of Maulers players, the Swedes put on a gritty performance in front of a sold…
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Photos from Sweden vs. Ireland (EU Championships!)

In front of a capacity crowd at Limhamn Stadium (there were even spectators sitting on the other boundary!) the Swedish Elks battled bravely against the lads from Ireland (plus a certain someone from Malmö…). With the game blowing out in the final quarter and the crowd becoming unsettled, Mr. Croatia took it upon himself to…
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Pics from Sweden vs. Germany (EU Championships!)

After getting off to a slow start, the Elks found their form in the second half to runaway with the game and secure a top 4 finish. Sweden 8.14.62 def. Germany 4.2.26. Big thanks to Morten for the professional photos. Check out his sportsfotografering website if you wanna see more of his stuff! (Click the…
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Pics from Port vs. North Copenhagen

Here are some action shots from the DAFL Round 9 clash between the Maulers and the Cudas. The scoreboard didn’t look too good at the end of the today, but the pics sure did! Big thanks to Morten for his great work once again. Check out his sportsfoto website if you wanna see more of…
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