Jönköping Indoor Tournament

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Jönköping Indoor Tournament

G’day Maulers,

Saturday and Sunday just gone saw 9 Maulers converge on Jönköping to test themselves for the Swedish Elks squad, attend the Sweden AFL AGM and compete in the annual indoor tournament. 4 teams entered the tournament, Port Malmö Maulers, Helsingborg Saints, Norrtälje Dockers and Årsta Swans. It was a round robin tournament without a final, total scores combined took the title. Each match consisted of 2 x 8 minute halves with goals and behinds up for grabs. The whole tournament was fiercely contested and hats off to all teams and players regardless of experience, age and ability for giving it their all on the day. The Maulers started off strong creating plenty of scoring opportunities but in the beginning could not hone in on the accuracy required to put the goals on the scoreboard and eventually lost by less than a goal 18 -13. We learnt from our mistakes and in the 2nd match against Norrtälje handed out a solid beating which was reflected on the scoreboard 55 – 7. Every Mauler performed well and found the accuracy that we lacked in the first match. Our newest player Fabian Rundbäck nailed 3 goals in a row and was awesome up forward utilizing his height and natural marking skills. Tony Persson and Erik Vig were strong in defence keeping the Dockers to 1 major for the whole match and Tonys vision down the court saw him clear the ball to the forward line on a few occasions. As always Chris Mårtenssons determination showed and even though he’s been away recently he slotted straight back in and fought hard which was obvious against the Helsingborg saints in our 3rd and final match. He was committed to getting possession and even after head butting the floor managed to keep momentum and move the ball up for the Maulers and then make himself available in the scoring zone. The Helsingborg match was physical from the get go as one would expect and I was so proud when we came away with a close win. Måns Hammarstrand, Tobias Gogu and Jonas Lovén were the rest of our crew in the centre and there ability to communicate showed when the final siren sounded. Tobias’s speed, Måns fight for the ball and Jonas’s rapid improvement in communication and handball skills ensured that we won the ball out of the centre and moved to the scoring zone. 19 points up with a few minutes remaining the Saints staged a final comeback and brought the margin back to 6 points, 1 kick from taking our win and it went down to the dying seconds, we fought and kept them out but it was tough I assure you. The Saints won the tournament on a count back by a measly 4 points but that didn’t dull our satisfaction of showing them who’s boss. Thanks to Erik Vig and Chris M for making themselves available, Måns for logistics, Jonas and Tony for driving up and I better mention Daniel McClaer for donating his skills to play for the Årsta Swans who I’m sure were very appreciative. I’m proud boys, keep up the good work! Go Maulers!!!


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