And so it begins…

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

And so it begins…

Season 2013 is off and running.

The AFL Sweden South League, or The SAFL as we prefer to call it, began on Easter Monday with 3 hard fought matches between The Swedish Gryphons, The Malmö-Irish Convicts, and Skåne-The Rest of the World Exiles. The details of the matches can be found on the Footy Record (new window). Thanks Terry for posting this info and for umpiring all three matches!

Special mention must go to all those who played their first ever game of AFL. Welcome to the club!

Next week, we have the London Swans visiting for a friendly. Ball up at 13:00 on Saturday 6 April back at Limhamnsfältet. The early forecast is for another sunny one. And don’t forget to put the after party in your calendars.

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