The London Swans were in town.

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The London Swans were in town.

The sun was out, the wind at a minimum, and best of all, the opposition were a little under the weather.

With both teams taking their time to adjust to the slippery state of the pitch and the low state of match fitness, the first goal wasn’t on the scoreboard until the second quarter. The Swans were more consistent, if not a little wayward, and by half-time they seemed to have the game under control; Half-time; Malmö 0.4.4, Swans 1.8.14. But in the second half, the depth of the Malmö bench started to pay dividends. In a real team effort, in which a few future stars of the club shone, the old guard gave the Maulers the edge on the scoreboard. Daniel McClaer stepped up to slot through 3 goals, ably supported by Matt McMahan who gave Malmö four in total.

Final Score: Malmö 4.6.30 def Swans 3.10.28

Best on ground was rightly awarded to Dave Kovacevic of the Swans for his two goals, countless hit-outs, and sense of direction.

Best: Swans; Kovacevic, Smith, Banks. Malmö; Mårtensson, Lantz, Walsh, McClaer (with special mention to Danny, Matt, and Sean Carter for doing their best to sabotage the opposition the night before).

Find the FootyRecord version of the game here. (Thanks Terry!) And a video of Peter Russell-Clarke here.

Thanks to the boys from London for putting in the effort and coming across for the game, and to those from Helsingborg and the GAA for stepping up for the Maulers.

Last of all, thanks MOOSEHEAD Bar for hosting the after party.

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  1. Simon says:

    Great write up Parker! I didn’t know you were in town?

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