Aussie rules footy in Malmö


Webbyrå i Lund. Proud jumper sponsor of the Port Malmö Lynx.

Hovås Komposit

Proud jumper sponsor of the Port Malmo Lynx


New to the Gourmet Strip, lovingly making old fashioned bakery goodness.

My Almkvist

    Debut: 2015 Games (end 2015): Position: half back/ centre Awards: Captain, team of the tournament EuroCup 2016   My is absolutely fearless and one of the strongest defenders in the Lynx. A background in handball makes her an excellent team player and she really helps lift the spirit in the team.  

Linn Gardell

Debut: 2015 Games (end 2015): Position: ruck/ centre Linn brings plenty of energy into the team and always works hard both on training and in matches. Being able to outrun most players she is a valuable centre who with her experience from playing in Tasmania in many ways makes the Lynx a stronger team.

Stina Nylinder

Debut: 2015 Games: 6 (end 2015) Position: Half back/ forward Stina är kvicktänkt o snabb o håller alltid huvudet kallt i heta situationer

OST & Vänner

Vet du att Malmös bästa Comté finns hos oss på Gourmetboulevarden? I vår butik hittar du såväl klassiker som produkter från mindre och medvetna producenter.

Ola & Ko

Malmös (Sveriges?) första helt tillsatsfria butik. Bara det godaste gott.


Gday to all Port Malmö members and supporters! Just a quick (and long overdue) update on what is happening within the club in 2016. The Maulers season started in April with a mixed bag of results this year with 1 win and 2 losses. So far attendance for games has been well above last year…
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