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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

WNAFL: Round 2 Odense Lionesses Vs Port Malmö Lynx

Starting line up Pre-Match The Lynx had never beaten the Lionesses on Odensian soil, in Farum yes, in Copenhagen yes, but never in Odense. Not a lot of time has ticked by since the two teams last met but a lot has happened. Two Lynx were seriously injured at the Euro Cup in Norrtälje that…
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Port Malmö Lynx Vs Hamburg Dockers and Odense Lionesses

Match Report Odense Lionesses, Hamburg Dockers, Port Malmö Lynx, round robin tournament at Valbyparken Copenhagen, 15th June 2019. What did we learn from this experience? The majority of the team should get sick the week before the tournament, we should plan to play before a massive lightning storm, we should only take ten players to…
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WNAFL Round 1: Port Malmö Lynx Vs Odense Lionesses

Starting line up The Match In the first home match of 2019 we managed to get away with a win against the Lionesses visiting. The Lionesses were a bit short on numbers but fought hard through all four quarters and challenged the Lynx backline on many an occasion. On a hot and humid day in…
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