Port Malmö Lynx Vs Hamburg Dockers and Odense Lionesses

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Port Malmö Lynx Vs Hamburg Dockers and Odense Lionesses

Match Report

Odense Lionesses, Hamburg Dockers, Port Malmö Lynx, round robin tournament at Valbyparken Copenhagen, 15th June 2019.

What did we learn from this experience? The majority of the team should get sick the week before the tournament, we should plan to play before a massive lightning storm, we should only take ten players to the match.

What a week it was, the rain came down and the lightning shook most of Scandinavia, we managed to train Tuesday but there was a hint of fever and colds creeping in to the team. By Thursday we had called off training and the weekends match was looking tougher by the hour. Saturday came and we went from 11 to 10 players so off we went to Valbyparken in Copenhagen to meet Hamburg and Odense with mixed feelings about how the day would evolve. We landed in time to see some of the first match and a hard running Hamburg team get a win over Odense. Tilda Bengtsson in her debut as captain got the players warmed up while coach took the opportunity to get a look at the oppositions form. We planned the best we could with a limited squad and marched out onto the ground with a few positional changes, today was a day to learn.

The matches were 2 x 13 minute halves and a few minutes in there was one particular coach on the sideline that was breathing much easier. Being without two of our usual halfbacks we were forced to make positional changes and those players stepped up into new roles and excelled beyond all expectations. My Almkvist, Daphny Bergqvist and Elin Karlsson were solid during the two matches and kept both opposition teams completely scoreless, it was a pleasure to watch these three work together. In the midfield Malin Anderberg has recently taken over the number one ruck role and her development has skyrocketed in the last couple of matches, we’re talking All-European ruck here. Not only did she get clean taps down to Katren Rogers and Tilda Bengtsson in the middle, but also backed up to help the defenders and midfielders when they were in need. A true team player and inspiration to all. Katren and Tilda played every minute in the midfield and impressed everyone with attack on the ball, second efforts and the ability to run out of trouble and deliver quality kicks into the forward line, two of the most coachable players I have ever met, that take what they learn at training into the game. We went with the mosquito fleet tactic in the forward line, former captain Hanna Falkenström showing great leadership and guidance playing at full forward. She led hard out of the square and on one occasion flew in a pack of four players taller than her just to contest and bring the ball to ground, most courageous effort of the day. Hedvig Backman, Jennifer Ström and Karin Flodin made up the rest of the mosquito fleet and buzzed around all day supporting Hanna and dragging in plenty of marks themselves. Big steps for Jennifer Ström in only her second match ever with multiple marks and valuable experience gained in our sometimes chaotic sport.

Final scores

Vs Odense 3.2.20 – 0

Goal scorers: Tilda Bengtsson, My Almkvist

Vs Hamburg 2.2.14 – 0

Goal scorers: Tilda Bengtsson, Hanna Falkenström, Katren Rogers

Best on ground went to Daphny 1-2 Bergqvist who stepped into a new role and excelled while fighting off the flu. Your efforts were key in these victories.

There was to be a social match afterwards but instead Thor decided to put on a lightning show for the ages, not a bad backdrop for a few coldies and a bbq under cover. Thanks to Copenhagen Australian Football for hosting us, Atiba Jackson for umpiring all 3 matches, Hamburg and Odense for making the trip and being really good sports.