WNAFL Round 1: Port Malmö Lynx Vs Odense Lionesses

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

WNAFL Round 1: Port Malmö Lynx Vs Odense Lionesses

Starting line up

The Match

In the first home match of 2019 we managed to get away with a win against the Lionesses visiting. The Lionesses were a bit short on numbers but fought hard through all four quarters and challenged the Lynx backline on many an occasion. On a hot and humid day in Malmö all players really had to dig deep. Both teams had debutant footy players that impressed the older/more limpy players. Supported by the Maulers and the rest of our supporters we sure had a great time.

The goal kicking was a bit off in the first quarter with the Lynx kicking no less than three behinds. We went in to the break discussing what the hell was wrong with us. Not that the Lionesses surprise us anymore with their skills and feistiness, but having a bench and playing at our home ground should have made us stronger than what we showed in the first quarter. Possibly a lot of Lynx players were a bit taken by the heat and intensity of the game.

After the serious talk about the lack of scoring shots at goal Lynx came out with motivation on top. The second quarter saw three goals and one behind for the home team. Daphny Bergqvist showed how dangerous she is in front of goal and really lived up to her nickname “Legend of the Boom”. Tilda Bengtsson’s hard work in the midfield gave fruit on her very first home match, as she also kicked a goal in the second quarter. Frida Strandberg Landin proved how important she is in our backline and in half time the whole team agreed it´s nice to have Frida on our team and not as an opponent.

We didn’t get a single point in the third quarter while Odense kicked three behinds and it started to feel like they were catching up. Before the last quarter the Lynx captains called for the whole team to play like it mattered and to remember that being tired and in pain is all a part of the great game of footy. Half forward Katren Rogers impressed the whole match but nobody could be a more worthy goal kicker than her in this match. She kept on running, tackling and getting possessions through the whole game and her hard work got rewarded with one goal and one behind in the last quarter. More excitement to come from the only Aussie Lynx.

The final score was 5.5.36-0.5.5. Sure was a great day for PMFC and the Lynx having Paula Björk and Elin Karlsson playing their first games of footy and doing it in style. If a best on field player would be picked from the Malmö squad Katren Rogers would definitely be up there together with Sammy Vallgren who continues to make a difference no matter where on the field she finds herself. Thank you Odense for traveling North! We are now looking forward to our next match on June 15th in Copenhagen. Hamburg and Odense will be there and we already know it will be a great day of footy!


Final score

Port Malmö Lynx: 36
Odense Lionesses: 5

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