Top of the table clash: PMFC v Demons

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Top of the table clash: PMFC v Demons

Final score: PMFC 12.15.87 to FC Demons 5.10.40. PMFC finishing off strong with the wind, scoring 36 points to 1 in the final quarter. The Demon’s ability to connect brilliantly for end-to-end goals at times reared its threatening head, but the Maulers depth, guts and even class was just too good.

A lot was at stake with the two top teams meeting late in the season. Ultimately, the win sees us remain on top of the table, with a win next week securing the minor-premiership for the Maulers, including a home semi-final.

Congrats to Måns for playing his 50th club match with the Port Malmö Maulers (and the SAFL teams).
Congrats to Charles on playing his first AFL match in Sweden. We hope it’s not his last.
Thanks to Ben and Jonas for stepping up and playing for the Cats in the second match of the double header.

It’s getting hard to come with original points for these match reports;
– the back line of Tony P and Ginj were awesome, repelling much more than they let through, winning 99% of the one-on-ones
– it didn’t get down there than much thanks to Taff and Tim on the half-back running it out with style and poise
– the centre-men were everywhere all day, with Chris snagging a deserved 3 straight (yes, straight!), Aaran 2.3 (including the first and only two in the first quarter against the wind), Brian dominating the ruck (great to have you back!), and Tony Mac playing his natural defensive game brilliantly.
– Charles and Jarrad finding time where there was none, and finding the scoring options time and again.
– Dave V doing his job, leading the scoring and playing for the team. Jens stepping up as necessary to score and ruck.
– And when the bench (Ryan, Måns, Julius, Matt, Ross) was used, nothing was lost. In fact, I don’t think that Az has rested himself so often all season.

The good: Jen Osterkamp’s tussle, snap, goal, and in your face from the pocket. Our dominance in the ruck, not only Brian, but Jens and Ryan. Ben’s work out of the middle to set up a goal (in the 2nd match). The score. The umpiring (including Justin’s boundary work).

The bad: One of the Demons guys busting his ankle early in the match.

The ugly: Jarrad’s ‘2 goals 5’ – although most of the behinds were set up with style. Chris M’s nose after the match. And Tim’s mo (says the man with the chops).

‘Carn the Maulers!

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