4 weeks in 5 lines

2 weeks ago (11 May): PMFC v Farum Cats. Final Score Farum 10.9.69 def by PMFC 14.5.89. Epic last quarter, with Malmö scoring 31 pts to 0.

1 week ago (17 May): PMFC v Helsingborg. Final Score Helsingborg 17.11.113 def PMFC 13.9.87. Just couldn’t do it.

This week (25 May): Malmö GAA in Scandinavian Regional Series, Round 1 at Malmö. Women’s team, 1st. Men’s A-team, 3rd. Men’s B-team wins peoples award (and wooden spoon).

Also this week (25 May): Skåne Giants vs Stockholm in AFL Sweden Regional Series Rd 2. Game played as 10-a-side. Final Score Stockholm 82 def Skåne 81. Done in the last kick of the match.

The coming week: Training as per usual, plus ‘Rules in practice session – protecting your mate‘ (video here) starting 15 minutes prior (i.e. 18:15) for anyone interested. Home game on Saturday.

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