What’s been happening?

4 weeks in 5 lines 2 weeks ago (11 May): PMFC v Farum Cats. Final Score Farum 10.9.69 def by PMFC 14.5.89. Epic last quarter, with Malmö scoring 31 pts to 0. 1 week ago (17 May): PMFC v Helsingborg. Final Score Helsingborg 17.11.113 def PMFC 13.9.87. Just couldn’t do it. This week (25 May): […]

Port Malmö Vanquishes North Copenhagen

North Copenhagen was once a mighty outfit but on this day their lack of depth and game experience gave Port Malmö all the room they needed to absolutely dominate.. The Barracudas came with only ten men so Jonas and Dani did the boys a solid and put the boots on for the Danes. Good on […]