Draft Night!


Exciting times for the burgeoning Skåne League (the SAFL!) with 2010 seeing
the introduction of the Skåne League DreamTeam(tm) aka Draft Night!

That’s right, this year the three local league teams will be selected via an official
Draft system. The three coaches/coaching duos have been chosen and will in
charge of selecting their dream lineups.


Limhamn Lions: Matt & Danny

Malmö Red Eyes: Tony Irish

South Malmö FC (aka the Bloods!): Choco


The coaches will take it in turn to select players until every last man has been
picked. But to make things fair for both seasoned and newbie players alike, we’re
adding a bit of a twist to the proceedings in order to level out the playing field…
each player can be purchased for anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000
kronor. With limited budgets it means the rookie players are going to become
just as valuable as the seasoned veterans.

So get down to Pub 25 at 7pm Thursday April 8 to follow all the
drama as it unfolds!

Who will be the #1 draft pick and will they be able to handle the pressure of
such a title? Will Tony select with his head or simply fill up his team with fellow
Irish? Will Choco be able to inspire his boys off the bottom of the
ladder? And Will Matt & Danny form a synergistic coaching superteam or will
Matty just try and select the guys most likely to pass the ball to him in the
forward line??

Who will you be answering to this year, and will you be playing in the big
season opener blockbuster/Grand Final Replay this Friday night??

Only way to find out is to get down to Pub 25 at 7pm Thursday April 8!

Exciting times… be there!


CLICK HERE to confirm your attendance at this historic event



6 Responses

  1. Can i be signed on a short term contract…. say for the team who is the biggest ballet fan. What with my piroettes and lunges i’d make madam butterfly blush.

  2. I’m undergoing minor surgery thursday, so I won’t be able to attend. I hope to be ready to play again in a couple off weeks, but I may not be in the fittest shape of my lift.

  3. Good onya fellas. I love that stuff. Shame I’m going to miss it. I know a thing or two about number 1 draft picks being a dees fan. 1 point to those magpie c*nts. I’ll be in town between 28 July and about 27 August. Not sure if there are any games on, but I’m sure one of those teams can find room for a morbidly obese forward pocket/on the bench due to cramp/stich/chafe.

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