The 2009 DAFL Grand Final – in Malmö!

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The 2009 DAFL Grand Final – in Malmö!

The Mighty Port Malmö Maulers are
in the Grand Final!

After a bloody, history-making victory in Denmark two weeks ago, the Maulers
have won the right to host the biggest game of the year, right here in Malmö.

Bitter, centuries-old rivalries are sure to be renewed across the Öresund, as Port
Malmö prepare to make Sweden the new home of the Danish Premiership Cup.

The posts have been moved, new lines marked, Sherrins drawn… and now a clash
of EPIC proportions is set to take place this Saturday, 19th September at 14:00
around the Maulers’ Fortress: Limhamnsfältet.

Drinks, food and plenty of bruising Aussie Rules action will be available…

So come down to Limhamn (click for map), and watch Port Malmö
become the first ever Swedish champions of the
Danish Australian Football League!

5 Responses

  1. Simon Ward says:

    Everybody come on down for the big day and cheer on your local Australian Football team and watch us stick it to the Danes at the sport that never has a dull moment. Bring your friends and enjoy the beers, barbeque, and entertainment this Saturday!

    Go The Port Malmö Maulers!!!

  2. Bill Ward says:

    Great news. Are they the team with the Crows gernseys. If so you will beat them ast he Crows lost in Melbourne.
    Never say die or give up in the Grand Final. Sometimes you are in agony but a Premiership is something else. Remember your mates are more important than you in a crunch.

    Have a great day.
    Go the Maulers

  3. Jörg Pareigis says:

    All the best for the Grand Final guys! Would have loved to be there and watch you taking home the flag for the first time! You all worked so hard for it over the years. Go out there and play your game on Saturday!
    All the best from Karlstad.
    Go the Maulers!
    And thanks a million for the jumper!

  4. Liz Ward says:

    The best of luck on the day. You deserve this one. We will be thinking of you back here in Oz.

  5. Ben Liuzzi says:

    Go Maulers! I hope you bring home the bacon!!

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