Aussie rules footy in Malmö

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  1. I was up in Malmo last weekend visiting a friend, and met the Maulers after their game with an english team. I play for the Hamburg Dockers and the Maulers invited us up for a game. Any chance we could make that happen? I was also thinking we could come up for our end of the year trip sometime in August or Sept. Let me know, +49.179.714.6294

    • Aaran says:

      Hey Gannon great to hear from you! I was one of those guys you were talking to. You guys would be more that welcome to come here at the end of the season. If you guys are here on the 23rd Aug we are free to play a match as well. If you want to come play a match early next year that also works! My email is if you want to contact me to work on a plan.


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