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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The captain’s Rant 14/06/2009 Jutland vs Malmö

The caravan of courage departed from Malmö at 08:15ish for the five hour drive across the öresund and up to Randers in Denmark. A few of the Maulers looked a bit sluggish after whatever they had gotten up to the previous night but all in all it was a good turnout considering

The Captains Rant. Malmö vs Farum, 31st of May

  The crowd that had gathered on Limhamnsfältet would never have expected that such a grand spectacle would take place. It was an achievement never before seen in DAFL football and a day of

2009-05-24 Captains Rant, Copenhagen vs Malmö

It was a DAFL double header in the land of röda pölser and pig farms. The wind was favouring to one side but even more so to the grand-stand wing. After witnessing Farum take an away win from the North Copenhagen Barracudas

The Captain’s Rant Sunday, May 10th

Port Malmö 21.17 (143) defeated Jutland 1.6 (12)   Port Malmö vs Jutland at home. With the sun high in the sky and the wind easing in to a cool breeze as the afternoon heated up, the whistle was blown and the first ball was tossed. We came out hard and fast but the center…
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