The Captains Rant. Malmö vs Farum, 31st of May

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The Captains Rant. Malmö vs Farum, 31st of May


The crowd that had gathered on Limhamnsfältet would never have expected that such a grand spectacle would take place. It was an achievement never before seen in DAFL football and a day of celebration on many levels.

Malmö was to host the year’s biggest double header so far, Malmö vs Farum followed by Helsingborg vs Jutland. The gods of football saw it fit to bless us with sunshine and cold beer, but also just to throw a spanner in the works, a six goal gale-wind was blowing to the seaside end of the oval.

First of all I think I’ll start with the Captain’s Award which without a doubt has to go to the man who didn’t only put on a sterling performance on the field, he also played his one-hundredth game of DAFL football, a milestone which proves his commitment to the club and diligence on the ground, Ross Levesque.

The Maulers showed the whole league yesterday that this year was not going to be like the ones past. After winning the toss and electing to go with the wind in the first quarter the Malmö boys held nothing back. It was tough work out there and the fact of the matter is that we wanted the ball more than they did, and the result showed on the score board.

After dominating in the first quarter and putting themselves comfortably in front the Maulers showed great stamina in the second quarter keeping Farum’s tally low and unimpressive. The third quarter was when this writer believes the Farum lads realized- “shit, we might lose this”, too-little too-late.

Hats off to all the boys for a hard fought second half and a hard-earned victory on the home field. It’s worth mentioning that Port Malmö had never beaten Farum at home until yesterday. Go the Maulers we’re on the top of the ladder and undefeated in 2009! Congratulations!

Blood was spilt on the grass and beer was drunk on the sideline. We soaked up the sunshine and sat back to watch the Saints against Jutland (which unfortunately the Saints lost in the final minutes). Good company and football in Sweden. I remember remarking to someone, “It doesn’t get any better than this”.

Simon Ward

Port Malmö 10.14(74)

Farum 5.9(39)

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  1. Ben Liuzzi says:

    Mate another great write up, but more importantly a great win. I have been enjoying the posts and it is awesome to read that the boys are doing well. Keep up the good work – on and off the field.


  2. Adam Brown says:

    And Farum were kept scoreless in the third quarter – what an achievement! It speaks for the guts and committment of the Maulers on the day. I wonder if Farum have ever been kept scoreless for a whole quarter before in the history of the DAFL…

  3. Simon and the Boys.
    Great victory and a successful day by the looks. I guess you used the corridors and first option give. Can you also include in the ‘rant’ the goal kickers and best players, and maybe some photos.
    I am interested and will keep a vigil over your season.

  4. Good report Simon with excellent english. I’m not to coherant with the footy language but well done and you and the team must be very proud of this particular win. Those early years of Blackwood & Labrador training have paid off. Simons mum Elizabeth.

  5. Ross Dogg says:

    What a win boys! This is the first time that Port Malmö has beaten the real Farum team (last year they were mostly on the Varolosa team. Thanks for making my 100th the most memorable. Port Malmö does so much for me and I love all the teammates I have played and partied with throughout the years. I would glady hold your have back if you were going to puke;) Nice work Captain on the blog.

  6. Ben Liuzzi says:

    ahhh yes last year’s game….when that vicious young man attempted to bite Aaran’s elbow.

  7. Aaran says:

    Thats what i tried to tell them benny and the fuckers gave me 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats to the team and Rossco

  8. The Taffmeister Flex says:

    Hi All,

    Firsty I’d like to echo the sentiments of everyone and say congratulations on such an impressive performance. We did ourselves proud. Enough with the back-slapping and high-fiving as we’ve 6 equally important games left in the DAFL. Unfortunately they don’t give out more than three points per win regardless of whom we turn over!

    Bill – I write the match reports and will post one for this game in the next day or so. We always have a list of best players and link to the footy record site where you can see all goalkickers, best player lists, qtr-by-qtr scores etc.

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