Maulers bring home 2 more wins in a convincing manner!

June 7th 2014 Maulers, Saints and Roos. Last time the Maulers made the trip up to Brohult a bit over a month ago for the first round DAFL clash they were greeted with a paddock full of unmowed grass that was in need of a herd of cattle. This time the grass had been mowed, […]

Stop. Rewind, 24th May Limhamnsfältet, Maulers, Saints and Barras.

Sorry for the late match report but there were too many highlights to skip over this one. With the sting of  losing to the Farum Cats still fresh in the minds of each and every Mauler the 24th of May was shaping up to be a much anticipated event. The weather forecasts all week had […]

Maulers v Odense & Maulers v Aalborg. 31 May 2014

Entertainment for the 2.5 hour drive to Odense would normally be provided by a radio, alas, Taffy being an obvious pork eater brought his own entertainment which did not just tickle the hearing senses but also the sense of smell and I think for one of them, the sense of touch.  Those odours, matched by […]