Indoor Training 2015

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Indoor training is a great way of staying fit, getting your hands on a footy, and getting out of the house and hanging out with mates.

If you’re not yet a mate of Port Malmö, you should be! Come join us at indoor training over the winter and learn the basics of Aussie Rules Footy. If you already know how to kick a footy, come and making training even better. Contact us at or just show up.

And for those who like the idea of regular training but don’t want to play next season, that’s cool. There’s no expectations on playing.

Place: Bladins International School (but double check on the calendar on the homepage)
Time: Thursday, 18:00 to 20:00, starting 4 Jan (look on the calendar at the bottom of the home page to see if it’s on this week)
Cost: ???


2 Responses

  1. Doug Fairbanks says:

    I’ve been living in Malmo for a few years & have often noticed the familiar goal posts down at the beach.
    I feel I might be getting on a bit (55!) to play, but I definitely would like to catch a few games – hard to find anything on the TV!
    I’ve been a Collingwood supporter while in was in Oz, I used to play for a local team in Nowra, NSW in my younger days, but basically I just love the game! If I’m living in Malmo then I would gladly give the Maulers my support!!

    • admin says:

      Go Pies! Just come on down whenever Doug. And bring your mates. The best guide to when we’re playing or training is the calendar on this website. You can find the details of what’s happening in the next 7 days at the bottom of the homepage, or the full calendar by clicking on ‘Season 2014’ in the bar at the top of all pages.

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