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Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Wondering who’s next to that big milestone? how many more matches do you need before you can retire? have you played more games than Big Fred?

 Fellas, ask former AFL games record holder,
Michael Tuck…
Ladies, ask AFL no.1 draft pick 2015,
Emma King…
 MichaelTuck  EmmaKing
 The Game Count is complete to end 2019*   The Game Count is current as of: 5 June 2016*

* But very much not finalised – contact us if you see something missing.

The men’s 2016, 2015 Season count, the women’s 2016, 2015 Season count, and the men’s 2014 Season count could all always do with a double check.

For clarification; Any game played in the DAFL or SAFL will be counted as a club game. This includes games played for the opposition if done so to ensure the match proceeds. Friendlies and other full length matches will count as a club game if we play as a SAFL team or the Maulers and do a match sheet. Short games like the VB cup will not count as a club game. Regional Series Games, National Duties, and other random games such as the Easter Series will be counted as “AFL in Sweden” matches. The decision lies with the committee and should ideally be announced a few days prior to any match.

Please email if you have any comments, questions or can point out any errors.

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