History – The SAFL

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The Skåne League is where, in 2003, it all began for teams in Malmö. The league has been through many changes over the years, growing and contracting with the numbers and other footy commitments of the players. Since the Maulers and Helsingborg Saints started playing in the Danish AFL, the SAFL has more been considered a development league with these smaller SAFL teams feeding into the two larger DAFL ones. In 2015, the competition will be a bit ad hoc, but still good fun. It’s hoped that some old teams are revived so that in 2016 the SAFL can again become the heart of footy in Skåne.

Through all these changes, one thing has remained the same; playing footy in the SAFL is good fun.

12 different teams have played in the league over the years;

Port Malmö Maulers (3 premierships)
Lund Magpies
– Helsingborg West Raptors
GV Rebels (3 premierships)
Malmö Red Eyes (6 premierships)
– Landskrona Bulldozers
– Limhamn Lions
– South Malmö Bloods
– Rest of World Exiles (1 premiership)
– Malmö-Irish Convicts
– Swedish Gryphons
– 33 years-and-older Fossils.

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