Club Details

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

Organisation number: 802500-0897

Bank giro: 805-6384

Swish: 123 0836 924 (yes, it starts with 123)

IBAN: SE79 8000 0821 4996 4136 1911


Who’s doing what?

Maulers: Leighton Rowsell
Lynx: Daphny Bergqvist, Ben Polmear

President: Daniel Scotford
Vice President: Ben Polmear
Treasurer: Daphny Bergqvist
Secretary: Karin Flodin
GeeBungers: Katren Rogers, Leighton Rowsell, Jonas Lovén

Lead Roles
Design: Simon Ward
Field: Ben Polmear
Kommun contact: Jonas Lovén
Match Day Official Business: Matthew Birtles
Match Day Playing Business: Coaches
Match Scheduling: Jonas Lovén
Membership: Matthew Birtles
Merchandise: Jonas Lovén
Minis: Jonas Loven
SSAFL: Ben Polmear
Social Media: Hanna Falkenström, Ben Polmear, Will English
Sponsorship: Max Kensell
Website: Ben Polmear, Will English, Jonas Lovén

Other stuff.

The following documents are general overviews of the roles of the board members of club. They do not specify all the tasks currently undertaken by committee members.

Port Malmo President

Port Malmo Vice President

Port Malmo Secretary

Port Malmo Treasurer

Port Malmo Senior Coach

Port Malmo Football Operations:Team Manager

The following document is a summary of the survey run to get feedback on what the club should be doing.

Survey Summary