Month: June 2016

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

My Almkvist

    Debut: 2015 Games (end 2015): Position: half back/ centre Awards: Captain, team of the tournament EuroCup 2016   My is absolutely fearless and one of the strongest defenders in the Lynx. A background in handball makes her an excellent team player and she really helps lift the spirit in the team.  

Linn Gardell

Debut: 2015 Games (end 2015): Position: ruck/ centre Linn brings plenty of energy into the team and always works hard both on training and in matches. Being able to outrun most players she is a valuable centre who with her experience from playing in Tasmania in many ways makes the Lynx a stronger team.

Stina Nylinder

Debut: 2015 Games: 6 (end 2015) Position: Half back/ forward Stina är kvicktänkt o snabb o håller alltid huvudet kallt i heta situationer