Month: September 2013

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

DAFL 2nd Semi: PMFC v FC Demons

Final Score: PMFC 20.13.133 to FC Demons 12.5.77. Please add comments below to fill in the gaps! I know I’ve missed some highlights. A glorious late September day, with the sun shining over the patchy but even Limhamnsfältet, greeted the two best teams in the DAFL for 2013 as they fought it out for a…
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Malmö 19.19.133 – X-men 2.5.17.

The sun was shining down on old Boldklubb Stefan as the familiar site of the Black and Blue entourage arrived. Port Malmö were set to play the Copenhagen X-men, a team that gives a fair-go despite their lack of success in the 2013 season. Firstly a huge thanks to the X-men for suiting up for…
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The End Is Nigh!

Following a successful 4th round in the SAFL, we can start to look to the end of the year… This weekend is the last round of DAFL, vs the X-Men in Copenhagen. Win and we’re top! The 21st is the end of SAFL for the year. The Irish Convicts will play the Rest-of-World. Family day…
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