In 2017, membership fees will be:

Type Total Cost Membership fee Playing fee
Mauler (DAFL & SSAFL) 800:- 50:- 750:-
Mauler – First year 500:- 50:- 450:-
Mauler – SSAFL only 500:- 50:- 450:-
Mauler – Dual GAA 500:- 50:- 450:-
Lynx (NWAFL & SSAFL) 600:- 50:- 550:-
Lynx – First year 300:- 50:- 250:-
Lynx – Dual GAA 300:- 50:- 250:-
Life member 0:- 0:- 0:-
Social 50:- 50:- 0:-
MiniMauler (4-25yr non-competitive) 50:- 50:- 0:-

Dual GAA: if you are a member of the Malmö Gaelic Football Club (GAA), a 300:- discount is offered on the playing fee.
First year: if it’s your first year with the club, then we’d like to share the ‘try before you buy’ risk, so a 300:- discount is offered on the playing fee.
SSAFL only: if you only play local footy, then you travel less, so a 300:- discount is offered on the playing fee. This is only applicable to Maulers.

To complete your membership, you also need to register on the SportsTG website. All senior players (Maulers & Lynx) and social members should use this link. Social members should register as ‘Volunteers’. We are still waiting on news from the AFL on what to do with Minis. This registration gives players their insurance, among the other positive uses we have for it.

When you join as a member of Port Malmö Football Club or attend any of our events, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct. This Code has been adopted to ensure the club remains as inclusive as possible.

Due before the first match of the season (or thereabouts).
Can be made to the bank-giro number 805-6384 or to the Swish number 123 0836 924. Cash will be accepted, but I’m pretty hard to catch these days. Also, we don’t want to cause anyone any financial stress, so we are happy to work out payment plans, etc – just drop us a line: email

We do not automatically issue either invoices or receipts, but if you’d like either, we’re more than happy to do so. This is especially true for all of you with access to friskvårdsbidrag. email