Honour Board

Life Membership

Danny Johncock (2011), David Page-Brown (2012), Adam Brown (2013), Ross Levesque (2013), Daniel McClaer (2015)

On the Field Awards


 Year Best and Fairest Leading Goal Kicker Best Defender Most Improved Best First Year
 2016 Tony McLoughlin Ben Polmear Gaetan Blondeau Dan Peters Domhnall O’Cleirigh
 2015 Chris Mårtensson Simon Ward Tony Persson Max Kensell Calan Ewan-Smith
 2014 Wayne Schuck Wayne Schuck Tony McLoughlin Adam Jennings Fabian Rundbäck
 2013 Chris Mårtensson Dave Verngren Tony Persson Dave Verngren Justin Lundgren
 2012 Aaran Higgins Matt McMahan Gaetan Blondeau Danny Johncock Jens Osterkamp
 2011 Daniel Scotford David Verngren Denis O’Riordan Chris Hansson / Conor Moynahan Richard Renall
 2010 Daniel Scotford Matt McMahan Denis O’Riordan Chris Mårtensson Jamie McBride
 2009 Simon Ward Matt McMahan Tony McLoughlin David Verngren Denis O’Riordan
 2008 Tony McLoughlin Daniel McClaer
 2007 Tony McLoughlin Matt McMahan
 2006 David Page-Brown Daniel McClaer Mark Rattigan (PMFC), Matt McMahan (Southern Saints)
 2005 Leo Nilsson Daniel McClaer
 2004 David Page-Brown Ricky Nolan Jens Andersen
 2003 Mick Daly


 Year Best and Fairest Leading Goal Kicker Best Defender Most Improved Best First Year
 2015 The whole damn team

Game milestones

200 Club Games: Ross Levesque

150 Club Games: Danny Johncock, Daniel Scotford, Matt McMahan, Tony Persson, Gaetan Blondeau.

100 Club Games: Dave Page-Brown, Tony McLouglin, Daniel McClaer, Tobias Gogu, Brian Boyd, Chris Mårtensson, Aaran Higgins.

Wondering how you measure up in total games played? Check out the running game count.

Goal kicking

DAFL goal kicking award: Wayne Shuck (2014), Ben Polmear (2016)

Most goals for the club: probably Matt

Most goals in a game: Ben Polmear, 13 goals (3 behinds) vs Helsingborg in DAFL 2016.
Second most: David Verngren, 11 goals (1 behind) vs Randers Dockers, June 8 2013.
Third most goals in a game: Fredrik Arnstrup, 10 goals (6 behinds) vs Helsingborg in SAFL 2006 & Simon Ward, 10 goals (6 behinds) vs Helsingborg in DAFL 2016.


DAFL Best Umpire: Aaran Higgins (20??), Paul Barron (2014).

Off the Field Awards

DAFL Presidents Award: Ryan Davidsson (2014).

The collective achievements of the Port Malmö FC teams can be found on the History page, along with some more individual achievement.

 Year Clubman award Coaches Award Presidents Award
 2016 Jimmy Weston Brett Peterson
 2015 Bazza Birtles Jonas Lovén
 2014 Ryan Davidson Tim Lindgren Adrian Tirant
 2013 Will English Måns Hammarstrand Jonas Lovén
 2012 Ross Levesque
 2011 Matt McMahan Aaran Higgins
 2010 Adam Brown David Vergren Paul Persson
 2009 Måns Hammarstrand
 2008 Adam Brown Daniel McClaer
 2006 Danny Johncock Daniel McClaer
 2005 Stefan
 2004 Magnus
 2003 Danny Johncock