History – Port Malmö

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

The Highlights

2003 – Thanks to the hard work of Danny Johncock in hanging around bars recruiting players and Mark White in actually organising everything, Port Malmö Football Club is established and it’s only team – the Maulers – enter the inaugural Skåne Conference. After starting the season with two defeats (both against the original arch-enemy, but now sadly defunct, Lund Magpies), the Maulers rallied and Lund floundered allowing Helsingborg West Raptors to line up against Port Malmö in the first ever Skåne Grand Final. In a final that aptly mirrored Malmö’s season, the Maulers trailed after a slow start but fought back to take the flag by a 15 -point margin

Grand Final Result

Port Malmö 8.15 (63) def. Helsingborg West 6.12 (48) Report

Best on Ground – David Page-Brown


2004 – Won SAFL


2005 – Won SAFL


2006 – According to The Footy Record, 2006 was the year The Maulers left the SAFL to move onto bigger and better things; the South Sweden Regional League where they met Göteborg and Landskrona. Unfortunately, that bigger and better things didn’t last. But that’s alright, because…


2007 – The Maulers go it alone in the big league. Thanks to the growing popularity of the sport, the sole Swedish team in the Danish AFL (the DAFL) – the Southern Sweden Saints – is superseded by the Port Malmö Maulers and the Helsingborg Saints. The Maulers even make the grand final.


2009 – The mighty Port Malmö Maulers take out the DAFL Premiership!

Click here for the rundown.


2010 – Port Malmö co-hosts European Championships.

With Sweden ultimately coming in an awesome 3rd, the real winners were the people of Malmö, who were able to witness Aussie Rule at its highest level in Europe.


2013 – A new image in a new league, kind of.

In September of 2013, not only did the Maulers take out the first Minor Premiership of the New DAFL, but we took on a new logo. The old logo of the Tassie Devil, while much loved, was put on the shelf and the new, more Mauler logo launched. Thanks to Simmo for his work on this and the designers of the old logo for the years of service!

Old logothe old and the new    port-malmoe-logo.png


We also won the minor premiership and made and hosted the DAFL Grand Final in 2013, but couldn’t bring home the bacon.

There was also a lot of kids.


2014 – Maulers DAFL minor premiers, again. Welcome the Lynx.

On the same day the Tigers made AFL history by winning their 9th game in a row to scrape into the AFL finals, PMFC took home the DAFL minor premiership, finishing on top by percentage, with 14 games, 12 wins, 60 points, and a percentage of 297. And also like 2013, we made and hosted the DAFL grand final, but couldn’t bring home the bacon.

At the presentation night, the Mightiest Maulers – the team of the best Maulers to date – was announced.

A more detailed overview of season 2014 has also been written.

Probably the most exciting happening of 2014 was the birth of the women’s team, the Port Malmö Lynx. With Hanna Falkenström driving the recruitment and Ryan Davidson running the training, the team managed to play a couple of matches against Odense and train like devils. And so it was, that in 2014, ‘PMFC’ was no longer synonymous with ‘The Maulers’. PMFC became much more of a club, supporting 2.5 teams; Mum ‘The Lynx’, Dad ‘The Maulers, and the baby ‘Minis’.



One busy year! DAFL, Elite Series, Euro Champions League, SSAFL, NWAFL, Euro Cup… Not sure that we’ve ever played so much footy.



Port Malmö Football Club forms as its own association.

The Maulers only play in the one competition: the DAFL.

The Lynx occasionally change jumpers and play as the Ravens.





DAFL ladder



We couldn’t do it without you…

Year Coach   Captain   Club President
  Maulers Lynx Maulers Lynx  
2019 Leighton Rowsell Ryan Davidson Chris Mårtensson Hanna Falkström Jonas Loven
2018 Brett Peterson Ryan Davidson Chris Mårtensson Hanna Falkström Jonas Loven
2017 Jimmy Weston, Brett Peterson Ryan Davidson Chris Mårtensson Hanna Falkström Jonas Loven
2016 Ward, Shuck, Johncock, Weston. Ryan Davidson Chris Mårtensson Hanna Falkström Aaran Higgins
2015 Ryan Davidson Ryan Davidson Chris Mårtensson Hanna Falkström Aaran Higgins
2014 Ryan Davidson   Daniel Scotford / Ross Levesque   Aaran Higgins
2013 Aaran Higgins   Tony McLoughlin   Matt McMahon
2012 Aaran Higgins   Tony McLoughlin   Ross Levesque
2011 Aaran Higgins   Simon Ward   Ross Levesque
2010 David Page-Brown   Simon Ward   Ross Levesque
2009 David Page-Brown   Simon Ward   Ross Levesque
2008 David Page-Brown   Simon Ward   Ross Levesque
2007 Danny Johncock        
2006 Daniel McClaer        
2005 Daniel McClaer        
2004 Ricky Nolan        
2003 Cameron Stuart