DAFL 2nd Semi: PMFC v FC Demons

Aussie rules footy in Malmö

DAFL 2nd Semi: PMFC v FC Demons

Final Score: PMFC 20.13.133 to FC Demons 12.5.77.

Please add comments below to fill in the gaps! I know I’ve missed some highlights.

A glorious late September day, with the sun shining over the patchy but even Limhamnsfältet, greeted the two best teams in the DAFL for 2013 as they fought it out for a place in the Grand Final. The game started with 10-a-side. The Demons with one man on the bench, PMFC with 8, including many normal starting players like Panther, Ryan, and Jens O.

There was a real danger that the entertainment off the field – coming the likes of Dave Oz, Danny, Adam and the other blokes who watched the AFL Grand Final in the morning – would draw some attention away from what was happening on the field. That was before Jarrad decided to step it up. His and the team’s first goal came from a mark taken at probably the greatest altitude a DAFL mark has ever come from. And the next from some fancy footwork. With the entire Port Malmö team hitting the ground running, the first quarter was definitely one sided, with the Demon’s only let off Port Malmö’s inaccuracy. PMFC 5.5 to 2.0 Demons.

The second quarter resulted in much the same score as the first, with PMFC putting on 4.5 to 2.2., but the Demons where beginning to settle and managed to attack much more often. But this only gave the back line a chance to step up. Taff, Ginj, and Tony P and the defensive centre men (Tony Mac and Chris M) solid as ever!

FC Demons showed their class in the third quarter, winning it 5.2 to 3.0. While they looked threatening on the score board, and were quick out of defence, they weren’t dominating all around the ground the way PMFC had for the first half. Port Malmö’s 3-quarter-time lead of 24 point and the Demon’s lack of fit players on the bench meant the Danes would need to dig really deep to come back from this.

Instead, it was Port Malmö who turned it on. The final quarter was much like the first; PMFC hitting the ground running, piling on the goals early and quickly. Port Malmö’s deep bench and playing 8-a-side for most of the last quarter played to the hosts favour, scoring 8.3 to 3.1. The low-light of the 4th was Az’s attempt at following Dave V’s grounded-end-over-end kicking style, and duffing what would normally be a certainty (or was that in the 2nd?).

The game finished 133 to 77, securing PMFC the home ground advantage in the Grand Final on 12 October.

A huge thanks to Terry and Jacob for coming down from Helsingborg and umpiring. Also to Jonas for continuing his AFL adventure and running the boundary.

Congrats to Toby on his 50th DAFL match. And to everyone who knew the AFL Grand Final result but didn’t let it slip.

Best: Bath, Higgins, Dave V, Ginj, Taff, Boyd, etc
Goals: 5 to Jarrad and Dave V. 4 to Simmo, etc, etc, and 4 behinds straight to Az.

3 Responses

  1. Simmo says:

    Uh I think you missed out one definitive kick. Taffy strides in from 40 takes a few security steps, settles and strikes, or sprays rather… Missing the lot! Worst kick in DAFL history…

  2. Aaran says:

    I only had the one shot on goal – harsh!!

  3. Will says:

    Az, seems that you have picked up the behinds for ‘rushed’ too. So that last comment does come across a little harsh sorry.

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